How I first heard about Bitcoin

It was just another midweek evening back in mid 2013. I was at home listening to a late night radio phone in show. The show was a money show discussing how to generate a return in a world where interest rates were virtually non-existent. At this point in my life I hadn’t really heard about Bitcoin until the Bitcoin prophet appeared.

Advice for getting a better return

Several callers phoned in with the standard suggestion of accept more risk or tie your money away for longer in order to achieve a better return. I was about to switch off and turn in for the night when one caller name John caught my attention.

John had a thick northern English accent and had just made a rather strange investment proposal. The conversation went a little bit like this:

John the Bitcoin prophet: “If you want a good investment then I’d recommend buying some Bitcoin”

Strange, I thought. I’d briefly heard mention of Bitcoin. It was some sort of digital currency, but how could it be an investment.

John the Bitcoin prophet: “I bought two Bitcoins a couple of months ago for about $50 each. The price is currently around $200. Why not buy a couple of Bitcoins and see what happens?”

The host of the show seemed to accept what John was saying, although he also sounded a little confused. However, it sparked something in my head. This northern bloke named John had come on the radio and just claimed he’d made 300% profit in a matter of months. That simply cannot be true. Perhaps John was the Bitcoin Prophet, come to save us all from our money woes.

Whatever happened to John the Bitcoin prophet?

As I think about John now, I smile. I truly hope that he kept onto his Bitcoins over the year and even topped up on his holdings. John would have a tidy sum tucked away had he kept his investment.

At the time I thought that John was just another loony. He appeared to be simply another person who couldn’t sleep probably as a result of having crazy ideas! Perhaps John was just a chancer, willing throw a little money a several possibilities to try his luck. However, as Bitcoin continues to become more main-stream it would appear that John realised something that the rest of us missed.

Bitcoin prophet

My thoughts on John the Bitcoin Prophet

I like to assume that there was more to John’s advice. John was clearly someone who knew how to purchase Bitcoin back in 2013. John was clearly knowledgeable about Bitcoin. As you will discover, purchasing actual Bitcoins is not straightforward. It was certainly even harder in 2013.

What is also clear is that John had read enough about Bitcoin back 2013 to convince him to buy. Back in 2013 Bitcoin was rarely making mainstream news. As such, John must have been reading several of the forums and chat room discussions on the development of Bitcoin as an international decentralised currency.

Back in 2013, John knew enough to be willing to take a perceived risk. When he first heard about Bitcoin he didn’t simply write it off as a fad or a phase. John didn’t simply shut down and discussions on the potentials of Bitcoin. He approached Bitcoin with an open mind and took the time to begin to become educated. It seems to have paid off. Hopefully, you too will approach Bitcoin in the same way. Perhaps you too will become a Bitcoin Prophet.

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