5 Ways To Travel On A Budget

Wouldn’t it be nice to take a vacation once a year just like you used to? Travel can be expensive. Learn to budget travel.

If you learn how to budget travel, you may be able to afford it without emptying your checking accounts. As such, read on to learn five easy ways to save money on your next vacation and budget travel.


1. Credit Card

Credit cards can help you save money on your vacation. Therefore, if you have a rewards credit card you may have accumulated enough points to redeem them for a free flight. Furthermore, another way a credit card can help you is with car rentals. Many credit cards have you covered as far as insurance goes. Therefore, just decline the insurance offered at the rental agency and use your credit card to pay for the car rental.

2. Veterans, Senior, Student Discounts

Many museums, theme parks and other attractions offer discounts to certain people. You’ll score some sweet savings almost anywhere you turn, even at some restaurants.¬†Typically, these discounts are offered to seniors, students and veterans. While traveling, be sure to carry along your ID cards as proof.

3. Group Discounts

Retailers love it when customers buy multiples of a product. Therefore, they offer you discounts for buying in bulk. It’s the same reason why you get a better deal on cable TV when you bundle the service with your telephone and internet service. The same concept applies to travel. So gather up a few friends and family members and go on a vacation together to the same destination. You’ll save on everything from transportation to show tickets to a hotel stay. Just call and ask for their group discounts policy.

4. Grocery Stores

While on a vacation, hit up the local grocery store for drinks and snacks. There is sure to be one right around the corner, no matter where you travel to. If you use the items in your hotel room or order room service, they will surely overcharge you. This is because the hotel probably bought the items at the same grocery store and just offer them for twice the price.

5. Budget Travel And Stay Close To Home

You can have a vacation without traveling all the way across the country. The point of a vacation is to get away from the house and day to day life. Therefore, by just traveling in your car for 1-2 hours you are already in a completely different scene. As such, by vacationing close to home you’ll save on the cost of airline tickets, luggage fees and taxi or car rental fees. This is the ultimate budget travel!

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