3 Things People Fear When Trying To Save

Many people fail are failing to secure their financial future. They fail to save money because they don’t have any money to save. Similarly, many people fail to put something away for a rainy day because they don’t have an opportunity to do so. The sad truth is that the reluctance to save or the seeming ‘impossibility’ of saving are often psychological effects.


Your financial future

Many people have a negative association with saving money. They end up giving themselves all sorts of excuses why they can’t seem to manage to put cash away for either future investments or for emergencies. For the most part, this all takes place subconsciously. Many people are just simply unaware that they actually go through certain mental processes when actively trying to avoid saving.

If you want to save money, your problem might be all in your head. Keep the following in mind. They might help you deal better with your fear of saving money. It might seem shocking at first, but many people fear saving money. The good news is that resolving this subconscious fear might be as simple as acknowledging your fear and getting to the roots of these fears. The even better news is that just as you were able to learn these fears, you can also learn to overcome them. The choice is yours. Conquering these fears will help to secure your financial future.

They are missing out on things

Thanks to modern marketing, most of the ‘needs’ we feel aren’t really needs at all. At least, they aren’t in the classical sense of the word. Modern marketing has created new needs. Your need to be current. Your need not to be left out. Don’t get suckered into feeling these. Don’t give in to illusions or fake needs. Your financial life depends on it.

The money saved won’t be enjoyable after a while

The mind is a powerful organ – it truly is. It can give us all the excuses we need or it can give us all the justifications we need. It is fully flexible and can change positions whenever we want. Don’t justify stuff to yourself. The truth is that you would be worse off  without savings than with it. Don’t let your mind play tricks on you just because you want to buy something today which you know you shouldn’t.

Their friends & neighbours are leaving them behind

Peer pressure is one of the oldest forms of marketing. It still works like a charm today. If you are serious about saving for your financial future so you can have a great future, you need to stop looking at what your neighbours and friends have. Instead of looking around, you should look ahead.

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