How To Save Without Feeling Pinched


One of the most common complaints people have when it comes to saving is that they feel emotional ‘cramped’ or ‘pinched’ when they consciously save. In other words, they don’t feel all that good when they deny themselves and pass on what would have been a satisfying impulse buy.

This is very understandable because in our day and age, all media and ads tell us is that we should get stuff right now and get stuff in the most convenient manner possible. There is hardly any mention of holding off until you are in a better position to afford stuff. There is no talk about delayed gratification. It is all about enjoying the goodies now.

Well, we all know this makes for a bad situation. Just as a kid who chooses to eat dessert before his or her meal will get fat, our willpower gets really soft if we keep giving in to temptation and buy stuff we don’t really need. Thankfully, there are ways to spend without feeling pinched. You only need to make small changes and you can save quite a bit of money and enjoy yourself.

Eat more fiber

One major expense people have is having to eat out. While you can save quite a bit of money eating at home, if your schedule is quite tight, you have to eat out. This can jack up your expenses quite a bit. One way to get around this is to eat a lot more fiber. Not only is a diet high in nutritional fiber good for you, it can also help you save quite a bit of change. It fills you up quickly so you don’t feel hungry for a long time. This helps reduce your calorie intake too. You not only save money because you don’t feel like eating out, a high fiber diet also enables you to eat more home cooked meals. Not bad, right?


If you have buddies at work that live close to you, you should start a carpool. Not only is this more fun as you trade jokes and funny stories together, you also save quite a bit of money on gas. Considering the fact that gas prices keep going up, starting and participating in a carpool can go a long way in saving you money. Also, you can do your part in helping the environment since one carpool vehicle obviously produces less pollution than four separate cars.

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