5 Genius Ways To Improve Your Credit Score

A bad credit score is usually the last thing you need when you hear about it. Want some genius ways to boost your score now? Here are five of them.

5 Genius Ways To Improve Your Credit Score

Negotiate With Your Creditors

Creditors aren’t all heartless creatures. If that debt you haven’t quite paid off, or paid off too slowly, is affecting your financial history then the creditors may be willing to help you. Of course, this isn’t guaranteed. But it may very well be worth a try. You could try talking to them and see if they’re willing to list a particular debt as “paid as agreed” if you meet certain conditions. It will take a little finesse, though. Make sure you read up on how to negotiate with creditors.

Get A Credit Card

For some, this may seem like ridiculous advice. But that’s because having a credit card is unfairly given a bad image. Yes, owning a card does allow you to spend more than you have and get into severe debt. But that doesn’t mean that it will! It’s all down to how you use the card. And if you use it wisely, having a card can actually add some positive points to your credit report.

Take Out A Loan

You know what some people confuse with “having a bad credit score”? Having no score at all. Now, “take out a loan” may seem like another odd piece of advice, especially if you want to improve your credit score so you can, y’know’, take out a loan. But it can actually work really well. Let’s say you look into personal loans and decide to borrow a relatively small amount of money. One that won’t be disputed too much even without an angelic credit report. If you start paying that back regularly and within a good amount of time, your credit score will start looking fantastic. Then you can apply for a bigger one!

Dispute Any Credit Errors

So you applied for a credit report and got an embarrassing score. You thought you’d done everything right! In fact, you’re positive that something must have gone awry during the check. Well, not everyone in this credit-checking process is infallible, you know. People do actually make mistakes during credit reports. If you feel an error has been made, then you can dispute it. There is quite a lot of scope for errors in these reports as a result of just how many people are involved.

Deal With Those Small Fines

So a few months ago you parked illegally. It wasn’t too bad – you didn’t park, like, on top of someone. But it was bad enough that you were given a ticket. And how about that time you got a bit cocky and thought you could read War and Peace in a week? You borrowed it from your library, but took way too long to finish it and got yourself fined. You may not think these little fines would affect your credit report. These fines get reported to various institutes. During financial checks they can come back to haunt you. Pay them when you get them!

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