Is Investing In Video Game Premiums A Good Idea?


If you play video games, you would know that many big game releases often involve the distribution of special premium items. These items range from limited edition books, action figures, statuettes, maps, weapon replicas, even full-sized bronze statues. The point is, there are a lot of collectibles produced whenever a game is released.

For video game fans who are also investors, the thought will naturally cross their minds whether these items are worth investing. Well, the answer is not as clearly drawn as you would think. While most items do have antique value, you would have to wait decades for you to get your money back and decades more to make a ‘profit.’

The word profit is in quotes because if you factor in inflation to the rise in your investment’s price, you are probably just breaking even. With all that said, you can make money from video game premiums. You just have to think like a collector instead of just an investor looking for a return on investment.

Use the tips below to help you formulate a video game premium investment strategy.

Consider the size of a game’s fan base

When it comes to buying and selling game premium collectibles for a profit, it is all about supply and demand. Consider the size of a game’s fan base because this sets the ground floor on how much demand there is for collectibles related to the game. Keep in mind that this figure only considers people who are fans of the game. These people won’t necessarily be such big fans whom they would beat a path to your door to scoop up the commemorative action figures, maps, and weapon replicas you have.

However, the bigger the fan base, the better. It is a numbers game and if a game has several dozen million fans, chances are good there are some collectors in that group.

Consider the rarity of the object

As mentioned above, collectible investment is all about supply and demand. For this section, we tackle the element of supply. The less supply there is, the higher the chance something will be collectible people will pay money for. Make sure the item you want to collect or invest in is actually rare.

You should consult with the manufacturer of the premium to get a clear idea of the production run of the item. Many so-called ‘collectors’ items’ are actually mass Chinese-manufactured items which will remain well-stocked until the next Ice Age. Go beyond the label on the box, look for actual rare products.

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