10 Ways To Save Money When Eating Out

Love to eat out but can’t stand the dent it makes in your monthly budget? If so, there’s a fix for that. Use these ten tips to save money when you are eating out and enjoy the best that the chefs in your area have to offer at an affordable price.

10 Ways To Save Money When Eating Out

1. Save Money By Buying Coupon Books

Purchase discount books sold to raise money for schools. Those books come packed with more deals for dinner than you will ever get the chance to use in one year. The buy-one-get-one free deals are plentiful and make the investment well worth it.

2. Make Your Social Networks Count

Many restaurants have Facebook pages and if you like or favorite them on the social media platform, you might get a great discount. Sign up for their newsletters to receive coupons in your email inbox.

3. Skip Dinner And Go For Lunch Instead

Most restaurants have lunch menus with menu prices at a steep discount when compared to the dinner menu. You will get the chance to enjoy the same savory dishes and still have the rest of the day to enjoy yourself. This is a great way to save money.

4. Buy Deals On Groupon

Remember them? The company is still around and providing great discounts on meals at your favorite restaurants. The good news is that you can get your deal from Groupon and enjoy it at any time in the future.

5. Skip The Beverage

Save money by skipping the beverages and enjoy a glass of water instead. Those Cokes come at a steep price and even the price of a coffee isn’t cheap any more. So, enjoy your meal and wash it down with a free glass of delicious, cold water instead.

6. Get A Doggie Bag

Reduce your portion size by taking advantage of the doggie bag. Many restaurants provide enormous portions which are large enough for two meals. Why not eat half of your meal when you are dining out and save the other half for your lunch the next day. It is a sure way to get a two-for-one deal.

7. Ask About The Special

Many restaurants have a daily or weekly special that comes with a significantly lower price. Get adventurous and try it out. You probably like it and will surely like the lower price when you are paying for the meal.

8. Buy A Gift Card From Restaurant.com

This company has signed up restaurants all across the nation which means that there is surely one in your area that will accept the gift card. The good news is that you can sometimes purchase a $25 gift card for as little as $10.

9. Split The Entree With A Friend And Save Money!

In this case, it will work best if both of you like the same kinds of food. Many people order two salads and a single entree and then split the bill.

10. Free Birthday Deals

Find out if there are free meals for birthdays. Many restaurants still do this. Of course, you will have to bring a friend with you and it’s only available one day each year.

There’s nothing better than treating you and your family to a tasty meal that someone else cooks and cleans up. Use these tips to save money so you can splurge on occasion and enjoy the deliciousness of your favorite restaurant.

If you’re interested in some other tips to save money day to day check out droppedcoin’s six ways to be frugal.

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