Five Ways You Can Start Saving Money Today

Saving money can be hard for even the most savvy of spenders. There always seems like there is a bill to pay or something to pay out for. Life can get in the way. However, it’s easy to save money in small amounts here and there that can all add up over time. I thought I would share with you five ways you can begin to save money today.

Saving money

Loose change

Ever have a pocketful of loose change? Then why not consider saving it? This is a great way to save money regularly without feeling the pinch. Get yourself a big jar or container and then empty your pockets each night. It may only be small, but it will be regular, and it will all add up over time. You could consider investing in a cash tin. Or even a change counter to help you count it all up. The reason why this method is so good is that you are less likely to spend change. This way you can regularly save money in small amounts.

Cutting back

Everyone has a life. But take a look at your daily routine and see where you can cut back. Perhaps you buy a coffee every morning on your way to work. Or maybe you spend money on fuel when you could share the journey into work or use alternative transport. These are all cost-saving things you can do. Then save what you don’t spend by adding it each week to a savings account or a pot at home. You will already be used to paying the amounts out so you won’t notice any difference. It’s all about finding alternative cheaper methods to things and the saving the difference. Once you see the amounts add up, you will find other ways to do it.

Taking a look at your outgoings

Taking a regular look at your outgoings and seeing what you can save is a great way to build up some extra cash for your savings pot. This could be done by changing bill providers. The money you save each month could be transferred out. You will already be used to paying the amounts so again you won’t notice the difference in expenditure.

Save money – small amounts each day

Is there an amount of money you could put away each day? Maybe a dollar? Then do it. Get yourself a lockable money tin and save a small unmissable amount each day. Make it part of your routine. Over time, these small amounts will add up.

Eating out less

Finally, eating out can be one of the biggest outgoings we have. You may not even be extravagant with fancy meals. This could mean your lunches while you work. Change up your routine once again. Create nice meals at home for a fraction of the price. Take your lunch to work each day. Total up the savings each week and then add it to your savings pot.

Remember small amounts here, and there will add up over time. It’s worth considering a few different ways to save money starting now.

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