Finding The Self-Discipline To Save

Self-Discipline. Now, that’s one word that isn’t very popular nowadays. What’s not to hate? After all, self-discipline involves doing unpleasant things now to get rewards in the future. Self-discipline involves going through trying situations and facing challenges. This is just too much for many people.


Why is self-discipline so difficult?

After all, shouldn’t we get what’s coming to use right here and right now? Don’t TV ads and movies keep telling us that we deserve the best in life right now? Why hassle with self-discipline and planning for the future? If you can get your rewards now, why not, right? After all, you do deserve it, right?

The sad truth is that we are all caught in between the rock of having to use self-discipline to get things in the future that we need and the hard place of temptations that are in the here and now. It’s not a very nice place to be in. Still, we need self-discipline if we are going to be able to do the one thing that will lay the foundation for a great future-saving.

Here are some simple tips on how to find the self-discipline you need to save regularly.

Start small

If you are used to buying stuff impulsively or whipping out your credit card whenever you come across a new shiny object or bauble to buy online or at your corner department store, you can gain a lot of self-discipline over your spending if you start small. Set aside a small amount on a daily basis.

For example, try setting aside $5 per day every day for 30 days. For the next month, set aside $6 a day. This is a relatively small amount, but it all adds up. More importantly, you are slowly training your mind to put a little bit away on a daily basis. Eventually, you can reach $50 to even $100 a day and you won’t feel it because you would have mentally gotten used to daily forced savings.

Redefine luxuries

For most people, eating out at a sit-down restaurant is a luxury. For too many of us though, it has become a luxury we can’t live without. If you are left scratching your head at your fat credit card bills at the end of every month, you can reduce your credit card bill by redefining your luxuries.

Start with eating out. Instead of eating out at sit-down restaurants, redefine luxury by buying fresh ingredients and cooking up a custom meal at home. The great thing about this is that you’re going to be saving money and also eating healthier and better.

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