Don’t Forget To Negotiate


Generally, in our American culture, negotiating for small everyday items is not something we are used to doing. Prices are fixed, and as consumers, we look at the price tag and decide if we are willing to pay the amount or not. The reason for this is because most of the people working at stores are not authorized to give you discounts. After all, they are just customer service representatives of sorts and not the person who is responsible for churning a profit.

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3 Situations Pawn Shops Make Sense


For most people going to a pawnshop for emergency cash is not high on the agenda. It’s not something people look forward to. In fact, next to payday loans, it’s considered a last resort. Be that as it may, pawnshops are just like payday loans. They are neutral financial tools. They only go bad when you abuse this type of financing and use it for wrong reason.

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Get Out Of Debt With A Partner


Recovering alcoholics, people who are trying to lose weight, and those who are trying to get over addictions, benefit quite a bit from accountability partners. What is an accountability partner? It is a person who specializes in holding you accountable. This person is always there to lend an ear to your problems but is also the one who is going to remind you what you need to accomplish.

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Top 5 Mental Mantras That Keep You Poor


It may seem heartless, cold, and even insensitive but, for the most part, poverty is a choice. Of course, we’re not talking about poverty brought about by huge hospital bills or childhood poverty or poverty that befalls people when they get into a debilitating accident. ‘Optional’ poverty is the poverty many people suffer from occurs when people subscribe to subconscious ideas that insidiously keep them poor.

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